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(20 words or less)
These are on a first come first serve basis. Since it depends on space availability, keep in mind it could take a week for your free want ad to print. You can submit them below, mail, fax, email or put your free want ad in one of our drop boxes.  Free ads need to be resubmitted to rerun.

Classified ads that are taken over the phone will be charged the business rate of $6.50.

Priority Classified Ads
(20 words or less)
These are personal item ads that are guaranteed to be placed in our shopper at a low cost to you. At just $1.00 per 20 words per week, your ad is reviewed by over 8,300 households and guaranteed placement providing you meet our deadline.

Classified ads that are taken over the phone will be charged the business rate of $6.50.

Business Classified Ads Business Classified Ads are any home business, organization, commercial item, rental, up coming event, announcement, dance, Day Care etc. that are billed $6.50 per column inch per week ran. We do accept these type of ads over the phone, email ( or fax 386-3841 and will need a billing address.

Publication Date:

Deadline for copy is the preceding Wednesday at 10 a.m. Northland Trading Post is printed on Wednesday and is distributed on Sunday and Monday.

Guaranteed Classified:

To be sure your ad is printed on the next issue, just send it in as a Priority and include $1. Click here for a form you can print.

How to Place a Priority Classified Ad:

Please limit your ad to 20 words or less and include your phone number and signature.• Mail your $1 per 20 words, per week, priority ad to the Northland Trading Post: 29377 650th Ave, Warroad, MN 56763 with a check for $1 per ad per week that you would like it to run. We need to receive your classified ad by or before Wednesday mornings mail as we print Wednesday at noon.• You may drop off ads at one of our drop boxes:

•Roseau: SuperOne or Mattson Pharmacy (last pick up noon Tuesday)
•Warroad: Doug’s Supermarket & Marvin Home Center (last pick up 8:30 a.m. Wednesday)
•Baudette: Lake of the Woods Foods (last pick up 8:00 a.m. Tuesday)
Please do not include cash in unlocked dispenser boxes.
The Northland Trading Post holds the right to reject any ad that we feel does not qualify to be a personal item or doesn’t comply to our standards. No refunds. Personal items only.

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